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“Dare to be yourself.” - André Gide

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Fletch’s Website

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Home Page

Hello, and welcome to my website.

Here I will publish whatever takes my fancy.

Mainly, it is the UK Pop Music Trivia.
The dates of the latest updates can be found at the bottom of each page of my site.

The site also includes a page on BrewDog plc, a company we invested in when it first crowd-funded in 2009.
We trade in the shares, and information about this can be found here.


Fletch x

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We Trade in BrewDog Shares!

My site has been hosted by since 2010, and I highly recommend them.
Cheap, reliable, 15GB for webspace, 50GB of cloud storage, domain registration and unlimited email addresses for a very small annual fee,

Use this link to check them out, and we both benefit!

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Latest Updates:  BrewDog: 13/07/18     No.2s: 16/03/18      No2s Trivia: 15/09/17      Million Sellers: 23/09/17

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