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“Dare to be yourself.” - André Gide

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Fletch’s Website

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This my personal web site.

It's not a business, and it's not a site I would wish anyone to be upset or offended by.
Anything I post on here is my own opinion  If you don't agree with it, then you have the right to ignore it.

I will never let this site be used to attack or discredit any individual person in any way.
There is already too much of that going on elsewhere on the Internet.

I will occasionally mention other people, if they have a connection with me, or are relevant to an entry. If there is anything on this site that refers to you personally, and which you would prefer was not included, please let me know and I will remove or amend it as you require.

I do not wish to breach anybody else's copyright, but if I do so by accident, and it is brought to my attention, then I will remove any offending material as soon as I am able.
Likewise, all the content I have created myself is my copyright.  It should not be used without my permission.
If you are a business or a journalist, you will need written permission.

The Internet is a new freedom with which we are all coming to terms.
Let's make sure we all recognize our responsibilities too.
If we start from the basis of respect for one-another,
I'm sure we will be heading in the right direction.

My email for any queries is


More on Copyright.

When we work, we expect to get paid for it.
It should be no different for musicians, composers, artists and others.

I’m trying very hard not to infringe anyone’s copyright, but on ocassions it is really difficult not to.  My aim is to promote the artists, not to deny them payment for their hard work and talents.

Where I can, I’ll use a YouTube embedded video to showcase a piece, but I also occasionally add a track to my site using a plug-in.  When I can, I’ll ask permission (thanks Alexander).
If you have the rights to the music and want it removed, just ask.

I use my own photos, and take other images from the internet.  When I can, I’ll ask
permission (thanks Marc).  Again, if it’s yours, and you want it removed, just ask.

If you are a visitor and like the music, please buy it through the various on-line music vendors (Amazon, iTunes etc), or on hard-copy, or at least listen to it on one of the streaming services that pay musicians (Spotify, LastFM etc.).

You can also go to see and hear live music whenever possible,
you may have forgotten how much you enjoy it!

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This site and its content are Copyright of Neil D Fletcher, except for items such as music, videos and images,
whose copyright remains with the legal owners of such items.