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“Dare to be yourself.” - André Gide

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‘Music was my First Love’...

Corny lyric, I know, but where would we be without ’corn’ in our music.
We’d lose the whole Eurovision Song Contest for a start.*

I have extremely wide and eclectic tastes in music.  David Bowie is my favourite artist, and I like Opera, Jazz, Electronic, Alternative Rock, Musicals, Dance, & Classical.  I can even tolerate Country & Western, but usually draw a line at accordions.

I still follow the UK Charts, and collect every No1 Single and Album.  Over several ‘editions’ of my website, the most popular pages are the lists of UK No2 singles and Million Sellers, so here they are again, updated and corrected where necessary.


A list of all UK Singles that have sold a Million Copies


A list of all UK Singles that have peaked at No2

And here's a few links to information from the Official Charts Company you may find of interest:

Current Charts
General Archive
Best Selling by Year
Latest Official Charts News

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, or if you find any mistakes,
please email me at

*Yes, that would be a bad thing.

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