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We Sell BrewDog Shares

We Sell BrewDog Shares

If you are looking to invest in BrewDog at Discount prices,
you have come to the right place!

BrewDogUK Shares available to residents of the USA !
US residents cannot buy direct from a BrewDogUK share issue,
but they can buy from existing shareholders.

We are selling on behalf of other early investors at a
significant discount to the current BrewDog Share Issue price.

Our Current Price List for Sales from 14/07/2018
BrewDog Price £23.75

Shares Purchased

Price per Share



£ 20.00



£ 19.00



£ 17.50


Discounts of up to 33% available for purchases of over 3,000 shares

Prices INCLUDE Purchasers Stamp Duty,
 which we will pay on your behalf

We think that BrewDog’s latest Share Issue at £23.75 is an excellent long-term investment.

Thanks to those who invested early, but who want to realize some of their investment, you can now buy shares at below this price, and boost your investment at discounted rates.

You will find me on the BrewDog Forum as @Neil_Fletcher
You can message me on the Forum, where we do most of our trading

If you are not yet on the BrewDog Forum email
for further details or to request a sale

For sales up to £1,000 your new shares will be in your ComputerShare Account in about 10 days.
If we have to pay Stamp Duty for you, it can take 4 - 6 weeks.

If you are not yet an existing BrewDog UK Shareholder, send us an email, and we will discuss the options available to you.

If you are looking to Sell Shares to us, click here.

Buying Shares from Us - How it Works

In Summary:   We make you an offer, you send us your details, pay us for the shares, and we’ll do the rest.

In Detail:

1)  We agree a price and sale date, and send you a formal offer to sell shares to you.

2) You provide us with the following following information for the Stock Transfer Form (STF)
     a) Your Title, Forenames and Surname (eg. Mrs. Mary Ann Smith) which will appear on your shareholder certificate.
          For Joint Shareholdings, all owners titles and names should be supplied.
     b) Your full postal address, including Post Code.
     c) Your Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) if you are an existing shareholder.
     d) Your email address - this will be registered with BrewDog to give you a account on their Shareholders website.

2) You then pay us before the offer closing date.

3) On the day after the offer closing date, we will sign the Share Transfer form, send you a copy,  and send it along with any Stamp Duty payment to HMRC by Royal Mail if required, before sending it to ComputerShare for the final transfer.
HMRC estimates that it will return the stamped form to us in approximately 15 days, before we can send it to ComputerShare.  Sadly from previous experience we can report that this can take as long as six weeks
If no Stamp Duty is due, we will forward the STF direct to ComputerShare, who usually complete the transfer in 10 days.

We will keep you informed along every step of the way, and send you updated copies
of the Stock Transfer Form as it works it’s way through the process.

The Sale process will be deemed completed, once you have received notification from Computershare of your new share allocation.

We have traded on the BrewDog Shareholders Forum, and are experienced and trusted dealers.
All BrewDog shareholders have access to the Forum, and you will find us at @Neil_Fletcher on the Forum

So far since January 2018 we have sold over £115,000 worth of BrewDog UK Shares.

Feedback from customers on the BrewDog Forum:

Andy_R***** 22/01/2018
“As a purchaser from Neil this week, can I just say that it’s an absolute doddle - he’s been superb with this, and there is very little hassle involved.
Anyone frustrated about not being able to cash in / missing out on trading days, really ought to give it some serious thought. Far more transparent than Asset Match”

David_L***** 31/01/2018
“Just completed an offer myself with Neil and it’s been the easiest transfer I’ve ever done.  So if you’re dithering, get on it!

Email for further details, or to request a sale

large_brewdog-logo 89John & I invested in BrewDog back in their very first crowd funding round in 2009, and are very pleased that it has become one of the fastest growing Companies in the UK.
                     ... They also make great beer!

We are Shareholders #89, and there are now over 80,000 investors.
BrewDog are now on their 5th Equity Sale, and you can find the information on how to invest directly by clicking the link below:

BrewDog Equity for Punks V.

The Site has full details on the company’s plans for the future, and a detailed prospectus for potential investors.
You do not need to be an existing shareholder to buy from us, and we can get your shareholder account opened for you.
We can assist you with this, just ask us by email.
We cannot offer the ‘boosted benefits’ for investing large amounts in the new share issue, such as a few free beers, or a spray painted fridge, but we can offer serious investors a significant discount on the share price!

If you are looking to sell shares click here

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